Preliminary Thoughts

I have been informed that writers, at least those who want to be published, should have a blog. I started one of these ages ago, but I have a Livejournal (yes, I am An Old), and most of my thoughts go there. I am one of those professional types who likes to talk about work-place drama, and it’s important to have it under lock and key. But here I am, trying to publish a novel, and I’m told it’s useful to have a public presence, and it probably is. Most of my other accounts are tied to the OTHER internet identity I’ve had since a teenager, which would not be great to have tied to my public persona either. Whoops? Who knew I would have so many facets?

So, I will say that the site address is both a reference to a future novel, and to a song by Over the Rhine, a band that I’ve loved since college. “All My Favorite People” (go ahead and google it and listen, it’s great) has a couple of lines: “We’re not afraid to admit we’re all still beginners, we’re all late bloomers when it comes to love…Orphaned believers, skeptical dreamers, step forward, you can stay right here, you don’t have to go.”

Welcome to all of the late bloomers, to the believers, skeptics, and dreamers. Welcome to all of the lovely broken, beautiful people who choose to come here.

Preliminary Thoughts

One thought on “Preliminary Thoughts

  1. We are all lovely and broken and beautiful, so this is a very inclusive space 🙂 I know you as a writer and friend, and you have so much to offer the world, so thanks for putting it out there.


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